Who we are.
Ranna is an open network of filmmakers dedicating their tools and skills to creating content for the environmental, social and climate justice movement.

We're originally based in Lisbon, Portugal.
What we do.
We create high impact films that:
- Provide activist-led, top-tier coverage to social and climate justice related initiatives 
- Bypass the centralized, ever-changing big media agenda, leveling the field of play
Why we do it.
As part of a growing independent media ecosystem, our mission is to:
- Amplify the voices and work of activists on the frontlines of social and climate struggles
- Share the stories of the most vulnerable and affected communities
- Inspire, engage and mobilize more people to join the fight for a just, livable Earth
How we do it.
To help awesome initiatives historically disadvantaged by less resources we rely on:
- Experienced content creators deeply passionate about social and climate justice 
- The support of a growing community
- The professional tools and skills needed to stand out from the crowd
Why we need your help.
Your support is critical to:
- Increase our rate of video production
- Grow our network of content creators
- Allow us to tell more stories, in more places
- Reach the largest audience possible and scale up the impact
We believe in the power of image and sound
to help us imagine what a better world can look like
to inspire people and energize them into action!

Want to be a part of this?
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