Why do we need your help?
Since March 2019, we’ve put our hearts and minds into creating content that shines a spotlight on projects and issues that really matter.

That means hundreds of hours of preparation, shooting, editing and publishing films about awesome initiatives historically disadvantaged by less access to resources.

We realized over the years that without further support from our community it will be extremely hard to increase our rate of video production and grow our network of content creators, which would allow us to tell more stories, in more places, and reach the largest audience possible.

If you believe in what we are building, you can:
Make a donation
Steady support from our community directly impacts our content production flow.
Are you part of an awesome project and are interested in collaborating with us? 
Spread the word!
Not everyone is in the position to donate or collaborate, but you can always share our work, join our network, help us improve!
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