November 2022: the first wave of student occupations of schools and universities demanding the end of the fossil fuels era.

On 11/11/22 we spent the afternoon with some of the students’ occupations in Lisbon: Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and António Arroio High School.

A few hours after these portraits were shot, 4 students from the Faculty of Humanities were arrested and forcibly removed from their Faculty by some 20 police officers - including a full brigade of riot police - following orders from the Faculty’s Director Miguel Tamen, who never appeared on the scene of this peaceful protest.
The students chose to proceed to trial, which started this week (29/11/2022).

We were unable to include the no less important occupations of the Engineering and Technology University (already forced to withdraw at this date) and the amazing occupation of Camões High School.

Follow and support the activists from the Faculty of Humanities that stand trial at and follow all active occupations at


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